2Jul, 2018

Is it Really Healthier to Live in the Country?

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Some decades ago, there was no question that living in the country was healthier than living in the city. Most cities had high levels of crime, pollution and infectious diseases, whereas the fresh country air, open spaces and lack of traffic in rural areas was considered the idyllic way to live. In certain ways, this is still true. However, many cities have cleaned up over the years and there may be real downsides to living in a remote location. It turns out that city dwellers now tend to live lives […]

1Jul, 2018

Why Do Your Muscles Burn After A Work Out?

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A hard workout can be exhilarating and do wonders to increase your strength and endurance. But the post-workout muscle “burn,” which typically peaks between 24 and 72 hours after exercise can have an impact on your workout routine. Basically, sore muscles are inevitable after exercising strenuously. So why do your muscles burn after a workout? Here’s what you need to know. Contrary to what many people believe, lactic acid is not the cause of post-workout muscle soreness. Instead, you produce lactic acid during the workout itself. Basically, when you workout […]

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