21Sep, 2017

How Coffee Affects Your Health

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Throughout the past few years, the medical community has discussed the diverse effects of coffee on our health. Although many advise us to avoid this form of caffeine, others argue that coffee is actually beneficial to our bodies. So what is the latest news? Is coffee good or bad for your health? The answer, in short, is that it’s a little of both. Basically, the downside of coffee is that it can lead to high blood pressure, anxiety, and an upset stomach. Not to mention it is highly addictive. The extent […]

8Sep, 2017

Regaining Spinal Stability after an Accident

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Spinal cord injuries can lead to several complications in the human body, even partial to complete paralysis. In fact, some of its disabling conditions include muscular atrophy, chronic pain, infertility, inability to control the bladder and even paralysis of limbs. So what causes a spinal cord injury? Causes specifically include penetrating injuries due to mechanical disturbance, vertebral fracture or displaced bony fragments which can penetrate the spinal cord or cause segmental spinal nerve injuries. Additional cord insult occurs through subsequent inappropriate manual handling following trauma. After an accident, it is […]

7Sep, 2016

Pre-Existing Injuries Do Not Have to Ruin Your Client’s Claim

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Most doctors may cringe and become very uneasy when they are presented with a personal injury patient with pre-existing injuries. These pre-existing or prior injuries may stem from an old automobile accident, from degenerative issues such as arthritis or disc degeneration, from health conditions such as heart ailments or prior unrelated surgeries, or from unrelated mental issues. Doctors know that a plaintif with pre-existing injuries will typically face opposition and criticism from the defendant’s insurance company. Thanks to national insurance databases, insurance companies always know about every prior insurance claim […]

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